Hanna Somatics Cat Stretch Series - 5

Like all Somatic Exercises, these movements should be done slowly, gently, and with maximum awareness. Do them in an easygoing and catlike manner.

5. Side Curl:

Lying on your left side, rest your head on your left arm, bend your knees so that your legs are 90 degrees to your torso, and bend 90 degrees at the knees.

Reach your right arm over the top of your head, placing your hand near your left ear.

As you inhale, slowly lift your right foot towards the ceiling, keeping your knees together.

At the same time, use your right arm to help lift your head.

Think about rolling the pelvis under the armpit (though this won’t actually happen!), focusing attention on the muscles of the waist and ribcage.

As you exhale, slowly lower the foot and head down. Repeat 3 times, turn over and repeat on opposite side.

* The exercise instruction and advice provided are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation*

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